AFV Acciaierie Beltrame S.p.A.
Vicenza (VI) / Italy
Hall 11P - Stand O42
viale della Scienza, 81
Vicenza (VI)
Hall 11P O42
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Active since 1896 in the steel industry, AFV Gruppo Beltrame is synonymous with excellence and innovation in the production of merchant bars and special profiles for multiple sectors: construction, shipbuilding, earth moving machinery and automotive. The Group currently includes 3 electric furnace steel mills and 10 rolling mills, located in 6 factories in Italy, France, Switzerland and Romania, where a total of over 2000 employees work. The presence on the European market is very strong thanks to a constant acquisition policy, which has led both to a consolidation of the leadership of merchant bars and to diversification into other businesses. Moreover there is a particularly favorable geographical distribution of the plants for the procurement of raw materials and a commercial presence in all markets of the Union and in the Mediterranean basin, through investee companies, agents and direct sales forces. A range of 140 items classified according to sales trends are available 365 days a year. Responsiveness is guaranteed with deliveries in 48h with all service standards. The availability as well as the traceability and the delivery of each single item is in real time. But the Group has also aligned environmental and social activities with the business objectives, not neglecting important investments in circular economy projects in all its plants and in 2021 it finally published the first certified sustainability report.

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